The challenges and benefits of detecting autism early


Ifigeneia Mourelatou, Autism Practitioner & ESDM Specialist at Re:Cognition Health,
shares her insight on the challenges and benefits of detecting autism early with Autism Eye.


Ifi explains some of the difficulties many parents face when they first notice their child missing developmental milestones or seeing differences in behaviour and communication compared to siblings or peers. Some common difficulties in obtaining an early autism diagnosis include:

  • Disagreements with family members who may think ‘everything is fine’
  • Confusion about where to go when seeking professional help
  • Being advised to take the ‘wait and see’ approach
  • Symptoms emerging and developing over time
  • Complexity with diagnosis – some autism symptoms may not always be autism, it could be a language delay, developmental delay, learning disability or another genetic or neurodevelopmental condition


Ifi explains how the benefits far outweigh the challenges when it comes to an early autism diagnosis, including:

  • Education & awareness– familiarising yourself with professionals, expectations, networking with likeminded people to help support the child and the family
  • Planning the journey – understanding the road ahead and planning ahead is empowering and helps the whole family as well as supporting the growth of the child
  • Opportunity to access local funding and support groups – there might be help available which can include funding for support services and intervention and counselling. Services and funding vary depending on councils, but support groups are a fantastic way of meeting with like-minded people, sharing resources, advice and experiences and providing help
  • Early Intervention opportunities – the earlier the intervention commences, the better the outcomes, which can enhance growth, boost skills and support education. Parent training/coaching is also available and more accessible than ever before with online platforms.


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