Our Long Covid Clinic provides an expert, multidisciplinary team approach to help people recover from Long Covid. Including a team of neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, physiotherapists, research scientists and supporting medical experts, we provide a bespoke program of investigations and personalised treatment and rehabilitation plans to support your recovery.

What causes Long Covid?

Unfortunately, we do not fully understand what causes Long Covid. It is presently used as an umbrella term to define various problems and symptoms people may have following the initial Covid-19 infection. Each of these is likely to have different causes and research is underway to investigate a variety of hypotheses, including viral, immune, inflammatory, and degenerative mechanisms. Our treatment centres around investigating the viral persistence as a factor for Long Covid.

Whilst research is ongoing, urgent treatment is needed to help individuals recover from Long Covid.

The Attomarker Multi-Variant Antibody Immunity Spectrum Test

Antibodies are a crucial element in your immune system. They recognise bacteria and viruses and trigger an immune response to fight them off. Long Covid patients tend to have a weaker immune system with some antibodies being unable to recognise and respond to threats, leaving them unable to clear the Covid-19 virus entirely from their bodies.

Alongside our partners at Attomarker (an award-winning diagnostics company), we will run a simple research test on what is called a “named-patient” basis to look further into your immune system and to see how your antibodies are responding. We are looking to identify key details of your immune response, and in particular, whether you have an “immunity gap” in respect of one or more variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We are now offering this new type of test to patients, which is currently only available privately. The Multi-Variant Antibody Immunity Spectrum Test requires only a fingerpick of blood. After analysis to determine suitability for treatment, we will be able to identify possible immunotherapy treatments (along with your doctor) to support and boost those antibodies that are not responding.

During and following treatment, we will continue to test your antibodies to see to what extent treatment interventions have worked.

“After 3 years of living with debilitating Long Covid, and trying a myriad of solutions, this approach has given me by far and away the biggest boost to my health. Since plugging my ‘antibody gap’ I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in migraines and a very big increase in gut health. It’s still relatively early days, but after all this time, I feel more confident than ever that my symptoms will continue to improve until I reach full recovery.”Freddie, a patient of the Multi-Variant Antibody Immunity Spectrum Test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I order the test, do I have to go ahead with further treatment options?
    There is no obligation to pursue treatment. The test assesses your suitability – it is looking for a gap in your immunity spectrum.
  • How long will it take to receive the home testing kit?
    It normally takes 3 days to arrive.
  • How long will I have to wait for the results?
    Each test chip is custom made – at the moment the turnaround is 4 -6 weeks.
  • Is the testing kit easy to administer yourself?
    Yes, it is designed to be easy to use.
  • Is there anything I must do to prepare for the test? Do I need to fast?
    Please fill out the questionnaire. There is no need to fast.
  • What time of the day shall I complete the test? Does this matter?
    Avoid taking the test a few hours after a heavy meal or drinking alcohol.

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