Do you suffer from dizziness, light-headedness and feeling faint?

The SEQUOIA Study is a clinical research study looking at an investigational drug called ampreloxetine (also known as TD-9855), for people with Multiple System Atropy (MSA), Parkinson’s Disease or Pure Autonomic Failure (PAF).

Upon standing, some people with MSA, Parkinson’s Disease, PAF or other conditions experience dizziness, light-headedness, feeling faint, or feeling like they might black out due to a drop in blood pressure. Researchers want to learn whether ampreloxetine can reduce these symptoms and assess how safe it is.

If you suffer symptoms such as these and are 30 years of age or older you may be able to take part.
The SEQUOIA Study lasts up to 7 weeks and it is made up of:

  • 2-3 week screening period where assessments will be performed to determine your eligibility and for you to decide whether you want to take part.
  • 4 weeks of taking the study medication (either the investigational drug or placebo/dummy drug) by mouth once daily. You will also visit the study centre for study assessments.
  • Upon completion of the SEQUOIA Study, you are eligible to join another related study lasting up to 22 weeks if you wish

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