Re:Cognition Health Launches New Clinic to Treat Long Covid Symptoms


Over the past few months our team has received an increasing number of enquiries about symptoms of Long Covid, with particular concern for symptoms such as “brain fog”, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches sometimes with  associated joint pains, nausea and gut disturbance. The most common symptoms of Long Covid are fatigue and breathlessness, with additional symptoms including those of peripheral neuropathy (numbness and pins and needles), dizziness, delirium, anxiety and depression. These symptoms can range from mild to  incapacitating.


Between 20-25% of those who are aware they have contracted Covid-19 continue to experience symptoms five weeks after diagnosis. Nearly 10% experience  symptoms 12 weeks later and 78% of Long Covid sufferers experience symptoms of fatigue. Worldwide this is a huge problem with more than 117 million people infected with Covid-19 and rates are continuing to rise.


Recognising the limited resources, the U.S. National Institutes of Health(NIH) has committed $1.15billion of funding for investigations into Long Covid, or Post-Acute Sequelae of Sars-CoV-2 or PASC, which NIH has just named this condition. UK’s resources are also limited and demand for treatment is rising.


Re:Cognition Health’s Brain and Mind Experts have the expertise to help

The Long Covid Clinic at Re:Cognition Health (RCH) provides  an expert,  multidisciplinary team approach, to provide a bespoke program of investigations and a plan for individualised treatment and rehabilitation to support the recovery of each individuals’ constellation of symptoms.



Symptoms of Long Covid can strike regardless of age or fitness level, or whether individuals  experienced, initially,  a mild or chronic illness when first infected with the virus. The problem isn’t just the number of people  struggling with Long Covid; it’s also understanding how to treat the condition. Currently, there is an abundance of advice online and within the medical press;  this is a new condition with changing symptoms so naturally there will be some trial and error.



Our expert clinicians at Re:Cognition Health understand the importance for  people suffering with Long Covid  to recover as quickly as possible, so they may resume to their normal lives and get back to work. Our multi-disciplinary team members have immense experience in treating cognitive symptoms including  “brain fog”,  in addition to chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance, joint and muscle pains and a plethora of other unexplained physical symptoms caused by viral, immune, inflammatory, degenerative and  other mechanisms of disease affecting our brains and minds.


Re:Cognition Health already offers a comprehensive chronic fatigue service through this  specialist  team with over 80 years combined  experience in all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and  extensive experience over the past months in successfully distinguishing  Long Covid from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).



RCH’s experts are qualified to provide a full assessment to rule out other neurological and psychiatric conditions that can present with similar symptoms.


The brain and mind have always been and remain very complicated and RCHs’ multi-disciplinary team of “Brain and Mind Experts”  are equipped and ready to help.


If you are struggling with symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, sleep problems, joint aches and other unexplained symptoms and believe you may be suffering from Long Covid just contact us on

Ph:0800 802 1030




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