We Are an Award-Winning Cognitive Health Provider

Based in the Harley St. area of London, Re:Cognition Health specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cognitive impairment or mental health concerns.

We are leaders in Alzheimer’s research and are recognised as an award-winning cognitive health provider.

Our services include ADHD assessment, autism assessment, mild traumatic brain injury assessment and memory services. Our mental health services are provided through our Harley Street Medical Area clinic, and through several other clinics across the UK. Learn more by clicking here.

Our Vision for Mental Healthcare

We will become the recognised leader in the diagnosis, treatment and care management of individuals experiencing cognitive impairment.


Our Mission for Clinical Quality and Excellence

We will provide the best clinical quality and the best customer experience in mental health diagnostic and treatment services for the benefit of our patients, referring clinicians, employers and investors.

What Sets Our Healthcare Apart?

Our leading team of experts all work together to provide a full-service, patient-centred approach.

This starts from the initial assessments and investigations through to diagnosis, treatment, management and care.

Our Leading Alzheimer’s Research

Our cognitive clinics in London, Surrey, Birmingham and Plymouth are leading centres for Alzheimer’s research. We provide access to new-generation Alzheimer’s drugs through a number of research studies.

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Expert Mental Health Knowledge

Our mental health experts are regularly featured in the national press. Visit our blog and learn more about the latest advances and treatments in ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s disease and many other cognitive conditions.

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Our Core Values


We will conduct our business in an honest and ethical way


We will treat all individuals with respect, dignity and honesty


We do not make excuses for less than optimal performance


We communicate effectively and share information proactively


We will measure our performance to ensure our resources are used effectively


We provide patients and clinicians with a “value” experience


We pursue continual improvement in “who we are and what we do”