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With many years of experience running clinical trials, and as the industry leader in Alzheimer’s research, we have both the resource and clinical capabilities to ensure your trials run on time and within budget.

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Alzheimer's: A Turning Point?

Re:Cognition Health has recently been featured on BBC One’s Panorama, “Alzheimer’s: A Turning Point?”. This follows the journey of volunteers participating in clinical trials, some from Re:Cognition Health’s UK centres, testing new-generation medications designed to slow down the progression of the disease. For those in the UK, you can still watch this on BBC iPlayer.

Watch on BBC iPlayer


  • Rapid set-up and scalable
  • 6 UK locations
  • Centralised contract and budget negotiation to streamline the process (UK/US)
  • Clinical Trial Agreement and Budget review within 2 weeks (further acceleration can be requested)
  • Dedicated start-up team
  • Length of studies available, from 6 weeks to 3 years and beyond

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Our clinics located throughout the UK are set up for your comfort with experts and consultants to walk you through the trial process.

Our UK and USA clinics are proud to be part of the PPD Select Partnership Programme.

The Re:Cognition Health UK and US site networks are proud to be preferred sites within the PPD Select Partnership Program of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PPD clinical research business, a global leader in clinical research. We’re excited about the opportunities this relationship brings, and we are looking forward to working with the PPD Strategic Site Collaborations team and evolving our relationship within the PPD Select Program, across our existing ten sites.

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