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Mild Cognitive Impairment affects between 5-20% of people aged 65 years and over in the UK. It is not a form of dementia, however, individuals with MCI often progress to developing dementia.

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Mild Cognitive Impairment

Unlike dementia, MCI does not cause problems with everyday living, however individuals may require minor assistance with more demanding tasks such as driving or paying bills.

MCI is described as a set of symptoms which may include:

Difficulties with memory – repetition of questions, problems with short term memory and affecting recent events

Attention –issues in focussing and being easily distracted

Problems with problem solving – difficulties with planning or resolving issues or thinking things through

Issues with language – struggling to find the right words

Difficulties with visual depth perception – judging distance, problems with 3D or navigating stairs

At Re:Cognition Health we aim to support individuals with memory loss and other symptoms of cognitive impairment through providing education, clinical excellence and access to the most advanced treatments available worldwide.