Medico-Legal Services

Matching the right medical expert to the right case, every time

Re:Cognition Health’s medico-legal team comprises leading UK brain injury specialists with extensive medical experience.

Personal injury lawyers choose us because of our award-winning expertise and the pioneering rehabilitation services we provide to our patients.

We have expertise in neurology, neuropsychiatry, neuroradiology, neuropsychology and all of the supporting neuro–related therapies.

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Our Medico-Legal Services

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    Medico-Legal Expert Witness Provider

    What sets us apart from other medico-legal expert witness providers is that we understand the legal framework within which our clients operate, consistently providing seamless communication and expert advice at all times.

    Our experts have contributed to several high-profile personal injury cases and we are proud to work with leading personal injury law firms and barrister chambers.

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    Expertise in Medico-Legal Reports

    The innovative technologies used by our experts provide advanced sophistication to the assessment and ongoing treatment of medico-legal cases. For example, by using the latest 3T MRI technology and neuroradiological expertise, our experts have solved several cases where previous brain imaging had failed to demonstrate brain injury.

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    Medico-Legal Services

    Expert witness reports and client representation in court

    Integrated opinion reports where a case requires input from more than one clinician

    Advanced imaging, including 3T MRI scans, which can reveal abnormalities not present on scans taken at the time of the accident

    Capacity assessments

Traumatic Brain Injury Services

In addition to providing expert-witness reports, we are at the forefront of the development of pioneering services for mild traumatic brain injury.

Led by Consultant Neurologist, Dr Steven Allder, our private mild traumatic brain injury clinic provides bespoke treatment plans, optimising outcomes for all of our patients.

Our Testimonials

“I have been using their service for 3T brain scans and expert reports in neuroradiology, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, and neurology, and have been consistently impressed by the quality and speed of the medico-legal service I receive from Re:Cognition Health.”

~ Ben Posford, Partner and Head of Catastrophic Injury, Osbornes Solicitors LLP

Medico-Legal Education

Re:Cognition Health’s medico-legal experts also provide educational presentations for lawyers, to introduce and explain the latest understanding of clinical and imaging innovations and technologies.

Our bi-annual conference for lawyers in October 2015 provided the first dedicated UK conference by doctors for lawyers, addressing complex diagnostic medical issues in the medico-legal arena.

Following the success of the subsequent two conferences in 2017 and 2019,  we will host our fourth medico-legal conference in October 2024.

Dr. MacSweeney on Contact Sports

Watch Dr. MacSweeney’s impactful presentation at TEDx Athens 2022, where she discusses contact sports, sub-concussions, and CTE. This talk is available on the official TEDx Talks YouTube channel. View the original source from TEDx here.