Neuropsychiatry is a field of medicine that deals with the evaluation and treatment of mental disorders associated with neurological conditions. It involves the study of the relationship between the nervous system and mental illness, including the assessment of the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural symptoms associated with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. Neuropsychiatric evaluations may involve a range of tests, including neurological exams, neuropsychological assessments, and brain imaging studies, to help clinicians better understand the underlying causes of mental disorders and develop effective treatment plans. The field of neuropsychiatry is constantly evolving, with ongoing research exploring new diagnostic and treatment approaches to improve outcomes for individuals living with neuropsychiatric disorders.

Meet Dr. Julius Bourke

Dr Julius Bourke is a consultant neuropsychiatrist and has a special interest in the assessment and management of neuropsychiatric disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, brain injury and concussion, depression, anxiety (including PTSD and OCD) and stress-related conditions. He is an expert in the diagnosis and management of functional somatic and neurological disorders such as chronic fatigue and chronic pain syndromes, which lie at the interface between general medicine, surgery, and psychiatry. He is frequently instructed in the provision of expert medicolegal opinion on psychiatric disorders, head injury, and post-concussion syndromes. Dr Bourke is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in neurophysiology and clinical psychiatry at Queen Mary University London. His specialist research interests are in the neurophysiology of chronic pain, somatic syndromes, and stress-related disorders.

He has given numerous talks and presentations on both a national and an international basis. Dr Bourke has been widely published on an array of field-related topics. He has co-authored a text book on psychiatry and has contributed chapters to numerous others, including for a world leading textbook on internal medicine and others on chronic pain, fatigue and neuropsychiatric disorders.