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According to the Alzheimer’s Society, over 1 million people in the UK will have a diagnosis of dementia by 2025. By 2051 this number will exceed 2 million. Worldwide it’s estimated that 82 million people will be suffering from dementia by 2030.


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New Treatments for Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Disease

Led by Dr Emer MacSweeney, an international expert in the field of Alzheimer’s research, we are passionate about finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Our team of cognitive specialists offers trailblazing volunteers the opportunity to access new drugs designed to prevent the progression of memory impairment.

Benefits of joining the clinical trial

As a volunteer, you’ll have access to award-winning private healthcare and specialist assessments at no extra cost. These include MRI and PET scans. In addition, travel expenses are reimbursed for each clinic appointment. Below are some more benefits of joining this study:

  • Prevent the onset of memory problems
  • Early access to new treatments for memory loss
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses and complimentary refreshments
  • Avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists and access expert care in a private clinic setting
  • Outstanding medical care is provided at no cost, including comprehensive health screens, MRI scans and PET scans
  • Change the future of Alzheimer’s; help develop dementia syndrome and memory loss treatments for future generations

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Create a world without Alzheimer’s disease

Help develop new medications for Alzheimer’s disease by taking part in our Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss trial. Clinical trials investigate the effectiveness and safety profile of new drugs. Even paracetamol went through a clinical trial at one stage!

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Help find a cure for Alzheimer’s by filling in your details below. Once filled out, your details will be sent to our team to review. If you are eligible to join a clinical trial, we will get in touch using the information you provide.  


Enjoy award-winning healthcare & support as a volunteer

The protocol for a clinical trial is the same in all countries across the world. This means that no matter where you volunteer for a study, you’ll get the same excellent standard of care and medical monitoring. For example, a clinical trial volunteer in the UK will get the same level of care as a clinical trial volunteer in Australia. 

Advanced imaging assessments, like MRI scans and PET scans, are provided at no cost. However, PET scans are not typically provided on the NHS. You can also benefit from regular health check-ups, including blood tests and ECGs. Therefore, if you choose to volunteer for a study at a private clinic or in the NHS, you will receive the same standard of care and support.

Safeguarding for all volunteers

Before volunteers sign-up for a study, independent ethics committees review and approve the clinical trials to ensure no harm comes to volunteers. The NHS Health Research Authority comments: “review by an ethics committee is one of a series of safeguards intended to protect the people taking part in the research. These are set out in a series of documents and guidance”. Approval from the NHS Health Research Authority means you are safe in volunteering for our clinical trial. 

Access disease-modifying treatments

By taking part in a trial, you can access disease-modifying treatments and specialist mental healthcare, at no cost. These new drugs aim to keep the brain cells alive to reduce the progression of memory impairment. 

What are disease-modifying treatments?

Disease-modifying treatments target the pathology of the disease and therefore the cause. Symptomatic medications, on the other hand, aim to ease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s without addressing the basic cause of the disease. For example, some disease-modifying treatments work to reduce the levels of B amyloid, responsible for neural growth and repair in the brain, and Tau Protein which is responsible for stabilising the internal skeleton of nerve cells in the brain. Others alter genetic and inflammatory markers. Find out more about how the new treatments work by joining our clinical trial. 

Top global recruiting centres for clinical trials

Our exceptional patient-centric care has been recognised by a number of prestigious awards. As a result of our professionalism and commitment to patient recruitment, our clinics have been the top global-recruiting centres for a number of clinical trials.

If someone has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease I would say get in touch with Re:Cognition Health: they are doing excellent work and look after you so well throughout the process.Study partner of clinical trial volunteer

Clinical trials on a global scale

There are lots of studies open across the world, including the UK and the USA. We run a number of clinical trials at our clinics in London, Guildford, Plymouth, Birmingham and Fairfax in the USA. To find out which other trials are available to you, or someone you know, speak to our friendly specialists today.

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If you’d like more information about the clinical trial for Alzheimer’s, our team are more than happy to help. Simply contact us here.