Vicky Eyre

Director of Clinical Trials UK

With over 15 years of experience in the clinical trials industry, Vicky has developed a comprehensive skill set in clinical trial start-up, delivery and operations, project management, and quality assurance across phases 1-4 in multiple therapeutic areas. As the Clinical Operations Director (UK) at Re:Cognition Health, she plays a pivotal role in supporting business development and overseeing the clinical trial start-up and delivery of commercial neurology trials, with a primary focus on Alzheimer’s disease. With responsibility for managing all six UK-based clinic teams, she ensures the highest standards of operational excellence and patient care are in place.

Deeply committed to fostering high-performing teams, Vicky promotes rapid trial start-up, which, in turn, enhances patient participation in research and contributes to the growth and development of the UK research industry. She believes that a key driver of Re:Cognition Health is the collective passion for research and patient care, which is strengthened through collaboration with industry leaders who share their dedication and motivation.

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