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Alzheimer’s Show Digital Hub

January 22, 2021

Join Dr Emer MacSweeney on the Alzheimer’s Show Digital Hub on Wednesday, 27th January at midday where she will be talking about the exciting recent research developments for Alzheimer’s and the new medications which could be on the horizon sooner than expected.

Dr MacSweeney will discuss:


  • The crucial role of new biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s
  • A future with new-generation Alzheimer’s treatments – how they work.
  • Opportunities currently available to access tomorrow’s potential treatments today.
  • The importance of non-pharmacological intervention to lower risks of developing AD.


Learn how the new generation Alzheimer’s treatments are designed to slow or ideally halt progession of the disease and its symptoms, why early detection and treatment is possible with the development of sophisticated biomarkers and how to avail of these opportunities today.


Date : Wednesday 27th January 2021

Time : 12.00 – 12.40pm


Booking information and further details on the 2 day programme can be found at https://alzheimersshow.co.uk/digital-hub/

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