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Our ‘thinking ability’, or cognition, encompasses our ability to learn, remember, assimilate new information, to plan, prioritise, calculate and other executive tasks. Conditions affecting cognition at any stage in life, from childhood to retirement, can affect our behaviour, mood and emotions.

Whether you have a diagnosis or are simply concerned about new symptoms, our experienced team are here to answer all of your questions. Contact us for advice or to arrange an initial consultation.

During your first appointment our cognitive experts will discuss your concerns and determine whether you require further tests; after which you will be provided with a full explanation and treatment plan.

Whatever your age, if you are concerned about your memory and recognise some of the following symptoms, you may benefit from our expert advice. Early diagnosis is key to help guide your choice of treatments and services which can make a significant difference to your day-to-day living and cognitive function.

Signs of early cognitive impairment

  • Delay in reaching developmental milestones
  • Difficulty planning, achieving targets and prioritising deadlines
  • Short attention span
  • Repeatedly asking the same question
  • Depression, anger, anxiety and agitation
  • Challenging and altered behaviour
  • Confusion in new situations or places
  • Trouble remembering recent or past events
  • Losing your way in a familiar environment
  • Difficulties with language and calculations

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

Not everyone with MCI will go on to develop dementia in later life. Many causes, especially when detected and treated early, are reversible. At Re:Cognition Health we guarantee to provide a prompt and accurate diagnosis and expert management that will enable the best possible outcome for you.

Treatments to help you live well

Our treatment plans are bespoke for the individual, based upon the latest medications and even include the potential to access new drugs in clinical trials. We also offer non-drug interventions, lifestyle changes, psychological therapy and more.

Getting the support you need for partners and family

We recognise that the impact of cognitive impairment reaches beyond the patient. Our experts will put you and your family in the best position to access the right services and can form a key part of your support network.

At work

Pressures at work can trigger stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep and even substance abuse; all of which can impact negatively on your performance. Our cognitive experts will work with you to detect undiagnosed cognitive disorders and provide a bespoke therapeutic management plan to optimise your work-life balance and cognitive performance.

For employers

At the heart of our offering is a belief in the power of education. We understand and recognise the underlying cognitive and behavioural conditions in both highly functioning executives as well as those exerted on the general workforce. We assist businesses in optimising the cognitive health and performance of all employees, enabling everyone to work more efficiently and effectively.

Optimising cognitive performance

Whether at school, at work or retired, our services focus on optimising cognitive performance. Re:Cognition Health’s expertise means that we can offer a plethora of treatment plans that deploy cognitive and behavioural strategies such as neuro-feedback and mindfulness. Our services range from providing advice on working with colleagues with a high IQ, through to individual diagnoses and treatment plans.

As a globally recognised provider, Re:Cognition enables individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), to gain early access to new medications to slow down progression of AD, through final phase international clinical trials. In addition to services for AD, the company is acknowledged as the leading independent provider in the UK, for individuals of all ages suffering from cognitive impairment.


To contact our London and Essex clinics please click here. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our London team on 0203 355 3536.

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