New Alzheimer’s Trial Launches at Re:Cognition Health


Re:Cognition Health is delighted to launch a new study, testing  a new-generation treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.


Anavex is a phase 3 clinical trial for a new treatment designed to improve cognitive function, sleep, behavioural and psychological symptoms in people with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or early stage mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s.


The study provides the opportunity for volunteers, with cognitive symptoms due to Alzheimer’s, to  take  a tablet with breakfast, each morning, for a 12 month period, whilst receiving regular health monitoring at one of the Re:Cognition Health clinics based in London, Guildford, Birmingham or  Plymouth.


Clinical trials are essential for increasing our medical knowledge and understanding in order to provide new effective treatments for any given condition. Today, dementia is the leading cause of death in the UK with diagnosis and fatalities rising at an alarming rate, therefore, it’s imperative to find new treatments to enable a future without dementia caused by Alzheimer and other conditions.


Re:Cognition Health is recognised as the fastest growing, world-leading centre for international clinical trials for Alzheimer’s and related causes of dementia. Our multi-award winning centres provide access to the latest treatments available, internationally, designed to slow, or ideally halt, progression of several of these conditions. We are proud to be involved in such life-changing research and helping make a positive difference to society now and for future generations.