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Migraine Study – Teenagers

Who is This Study For?

*Teens may qualify for this study if they meet the following criteria:

  • Between the ages of 12-17
  • Have at least 1 migraine per month
  • Have at least a 6-month history of migraine

*Migraine study clinicians will further assess medical and migraine history to determine eligibility


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Participants may receive:

  • Study-related evaluations of their migraine-related symptoms and overall health*
  • The investigational drug, or a placebo – Compensation for participation may be provided

*Insurance is not needed to participate

Why participate?

  • Clinical trials represent the latest research about your child’s condition and may offer new treatment
  • Participants may be interested in receiving options investigational medication and study-related care
  • Some participants may feel that by volunteering, they’re helping researchers find better treatments for individuals who suffer from migraine

Please ensure you have read these documents before you attend:

Kids Migraine Information Sheets Age_16 -17v5.1.0

Kids Migraine Information Sheets Parental Legal Representative v5.1.0

Kids Migraine Information Sheets 2-15v5.1.0_10Dec2021

Kids Migraine Information Sheets UK_Parental Legal Representative_PIS-ICF_v5.1.0