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Parkinson’s Study

You have been invited to view this page following discussions with our team about the ORCHESTRA Study (Parkinson’s Study) being run at Re:Cognition Health.

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What is the Purpose of the Study? 

The purpose of this study is to help determine if UCB0599 can slow the progression (worsening) of PD. Due to the way the study medication works in the brain, it is not expected to provide immediate relief of PD symptoms, but it may be able to delay their start or reduce how bad the symptoms get in the long term by protecting brain cells. 

The study medication is an investigational drug, which means that it is still being tested, and has not yet been approved for treatment by any health authorities worldwide. The Sponsor has conducted five clinical studies in healthy elderly people, both with or without PD. It has shown an acceptable safety and tolerability profile for further testing in patients living with PD. 

Approximately 450 patients living with PD will take part in this study. The participants will receive treatment with one of two doses of the study medication or placebo (a dummy drug that looks like the study medication but contains no active drug substance).

What if I don’t have confirmed Parkinson’s or just suspected Parkinson’s? 

This is totally fine, our screening procedures go through the necessary steps to confirm a Parkinson’s Diagnosis. This will be procedures with a neurologist coupled with state of the art MRI and DaT-SPECT scans

How do I know if I am suitable? 

In order to screen we need volunteers to:

  • Have a diagnosis within the last 2 years or suspect they have early Parkinson’s Disease (we can help with diagnosis)
  • Not take any Parkinson’s Disease medications longer than 1 month

Please ensure you have read this document ORCHESTRA PD0053 Main Information Sheets UK dated 20220628 at least 24 hours before your appointment at our below address so you can ask our doctor as many questions as you need on your appointment date. Our doctor will talk you through the document and make sure you understand everything, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 802 1030

We will print these out for you on the day of your appointment so all you need to do is bring your study partner and a list of any medications you are currently taking. Please let us know if you have had any changes to your medications recently as this may mean you cannot join the trial.