“I just don’t feel quite right.”

Does this sound like you? Have you had a head injury and are still not quite feeling yourself? It’s a mistake to ignore the symptoms of a concussion; when there is something you can do about it.


What to expect.

Concussion, be it mild or severe, is too important to ignore. Our comprehensive Concussion Clinic is designed to provide the right investigations required to manage your specific concussion level before initiating a personalised treatment plan with appropriate guidance from our experts.

Stage one – Your discovery phase

Your initial appointment – The Assessment

A concussion expert will assess your symptoms, including a general medical review and assessment, detailed testing of your cognitive skills and balance, blood tests and an MRI scan of your brain.

MEG Scan (optional additional appointment)

After consulting with our doctor, you may wish to undertake a MEG scan. While the MRI will have assessed the structure of your brain, the MEG scan will give us an insight into how it’s functioning. The scanner is extremely sensitive, making previously invisible injuries visible. The results from this scan give us a baseline of data so we can measure the success of your following treatment.

Your follow-up appointment – Your review and treatment plan

This meeting is to discuss the outcome of your tests and create a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Cognitive treatment plan

This is where we look at specific symptoms such as a foggy brain, inability to concentrate and memory issues. Our sessions with you review your nutritional, sleeping and exercise habits and any other factors that could be improved to aid your recovery.

Vestibular treatment plan

Over three sessions, we will work with you to address any balance and visual issues you may have. Following these sessions, we may refer you to an audiovestibular specialist.

A mix of the two

You may benefit from both pathways, where you will experience a mix of cognitive and vestibular treatments.


Your final review

After you have completed your treatment pathways, we will review you again to see how you have improved. If you had a MEG scan in the Discovery Phase, we will send you for a second scan, so we can see how your brain functionality has improved.

It may be that you would benefit from further treatment, but you will likely be back on track and ready to live your life to the fullest again.

Our concussion pathway includes the following:

Phase 1 – Diagnostic pathway

Initial package – £1,700

  • Initial consultation
  • Brain MRI
  • Cognitive blood profile
  • Follow up appointment
  • Optional MEG scan – £600
  • Following your diagnostic pathway, you can decide whether to continue treatment with us.

Phase 2 – Treatment pathway

Based on the outcome from the diagnostic pathway, cognitive or audio vestibular, treatment packages start from £1,500.

  • Optional MEG scan – £720


Please note, we are working with MYndspan, and should you wish to have a MEG Scan and be willing to travel to Birmingham, MYndspan are happy to offer this service for free. To find out more about this company, please click on this link:

*Depending on the results of your follow-up assessment and ongoing treatment needs. Have you had a head injury and are still not quite feeling yourself? Please don’t ignore the symptoms of a concussion; there is something you can do about it.