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One short form could change the future of Alzheimer’s research

The Re:Cognition Health clinics in London, Guildford, Plymouth and Birmingham have extensive experience in clinical trials.

Our reputation as a global-leader in clinical trial enrolment is based on our experience of conducting multiple international studies on behalf of leading pharmaceutical companies.

Multi-disciplinary team of experts

Study enrolment is led by a team of dedicated patient recruitment specialists.

Clinicians and senior clinical trial coordinators support this team to ensure exceptional communication standards are maintained at all times.

Patient satisfaction is very important to us and Re:Cognition Health clinicians are also available to answer questions over the phone.

Telephone consultation

All staff involved in the recruitment process receive extensive training on each study protocol.

A review of medical history, medications being taken, pre-existing medical conditions and a comprehensive review of any memory concerns will be covered during the call.

In addition to health-related criteria, volunteers need a study partner in order to join a study. This could be a spouse, relative or close friend. The role is required to keep the clinical trials team informed of any health developments between clinic appointments.

Medical information allows us to maintain high patient-safety standards and to ensure each volunteer meets the relevant inclusion/exclusion criteria for a study. It’s important that you are right for the study and, most importantly, the study is right for you.

Data protection is extremely important to us and all information provided is stored securely. Read our privacy policy

Clinic appointment

The next stage is to arrange an appointment at your clinic of choice.

There is no cost associated with this appointment and reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed for volunteers and study partners.

A clinician will review the study consent forms and answer any questions about participation.

There is no requirement to sign the consent forms and you do not need to provide a reason for not doing so. If you sign the consent forms and later change your mind, you are able to leave the study without giving a reason.

After the consent forms are signed, a number of cognitive rating scales are completed with a psychologist.

Following this, a physical examination is carried out by an experienced clinician and/or healthcare assistant. This will involve an ECG, blood test and height and weight measurements.

These assessments will confirm whether or not participating in the study is appropriate for you.

Results from each clinic visit will be shared with your GP should you consent for us to do so.

Screening period

This period lasts up to 8 weeks and involves specialist medical check-ups like MRI and PET scans.

All treatment provided is covered by the study sponsor and there is no cost for the volunteer.

Travel expenses are reimbursed for each visit.


After all screening procedures are completed, volunteers are randomly assigned to a treatment group. This is the beginning of the main study.

Neither the volunteer nor the clinical trials team are aware which treatment group a volunteer is assigned to. However, this information can be revealed if required.