Multi-Disciplinary Autism clinics for children

Helping children and young people on the autism spectrum.

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Dr Ben Marlow, Consultant Paediatrician and Ifigeneia Mourelatou Autism Practitioner & ESDM Specialist, talk about Re:Cognition Health’s clinic supporting children and young people on the Autism spectrum.

Our diagnosic process

Our multi-disciplinary autism service can support you and your child with a diagnosis service.

Our team of of clinicians each bring different skills to your child’s assessment. By delivering the most thorough diagnosis we can and to support you with recommendations going forward.

Before your child’s assessment we gather information that will help up. This will include screening questionnaires that we will ask you to complete, along with your child’s school and any other professionals working with your child.

On the day of the assessment, we will conduct an ADOS-2, (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2). This assesses communication and language, reciprocal social interaction, and any restricted and/or repetitive behaviour. We do this by observing your young child at play.

For older and adolescent children, the ADOS-2 is largely based on observation and discussion between our expert and your child.

We then follow up with a detailed neurodevelopmental interview while observing you with your child.

From the combination of the above we can provide you with a full diagnostic report along with our recommendations tailored to your child, followed- by a 30’ videocall with our Consultant Paediatrician. We can also provide you GP and school with this, if you wish.


You may find our onward clinics helpful.

Early Intervention Clinic

Led by Ifigeneia Mourelatou, we use the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) or if more appropriate, the Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT). Our world-renowned experts in brain and mind development will ensure your child gets the best treatment for them.

Early Intervention For Autism: ESDM & PACT

Co-Existing Medical Conditions Clinic

Autism is a diverse condition with underlying medical conditions which are often not being adequately treated. Issues such as gastrointestinal problems, neurological conditions like seizures and epilepsy, problems with sleep, regulating blood sugar and challenges with sensory perception, can all make the world a difficult place to be.

This bespoke clinic gives insight into these medical differences in a sensitive and holistic way, which will give the child and their family a better understanding, moving forwards, of their underlying health needs.

“I approach this area from both a professional and personal perspective and have a deep understanding of autism and the medical challenges that exist withing this diverse condition. My passion is to better serve children and their families to help them lead a happy and fulfilling life”

Dr Ben Marlow. Paediatric Consultant in Neurodevelopment

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