New Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments

The fight against Alzheimer’s disease is spearheaded by international clinical trials that provide early access to ‘disease-modifying’ Alzheimer’s treatments.

These drugs aim to keep the brain cells alive in order to reduce the progression of memory impairment. There are lots of studies open across the world investigating the effectiveness of new medications. To find out which study might be right for you or somebody you know, speak to a specialist today

Disease-modifying treatments work to reduce the levels of B amyloid & Tau Protein in the brain and to alter genetic and inflammatory markers.

These medications are believed to be much more effective than the current medications and are available as part of the clinical trials at our clinics.

Four Re:Cognition Health Clinics, One International Community Of Experts

Like all research studies, the protocols for clinical trials are the same across the world. This means that a volunteer in the UK receives exactly the same medical monitoring as a volunteer in Australia (e.g. MRI scans, blood tests, ECG). This is the same as a study that’s open in an NHS clinic as well as a private clinic (like us).

The protocol for the research study is approved by an ethics committee before it’s possible to enrol volunteers. We take patient safety and compliance extremely seriously and follow the standards outlined by the MHRA and CQC closely.

We work with leading pharmaceutical companies across the world and are proud to have received a number of national awards for the exceptional care we provide.

If someone has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease I would say get in touch with Re:Cognition Health: they are doing excellent work and look after you so well throughout the processStudy Partner of Clinical Trial Volunteer

An individual contribution with a phenomenal global impact

Without inspirational individuals taking part in Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss trials, new medications cannot be licensed for global use. This is because the sponsor needs to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the medication. Even paracetamol went through a clinical trial at one stage!

We do not run phase 1 trials at our clinics and the study medication has been given to humans in previous studies.

Volunteer Opportunities – Potential Benefits

  • Study volunteers get early access to new treatments for memory loss and are monitored closely throughout the trial
  • Outstanding medical care is provided at no cost, including comprehensive health screens, MRI scans and PET scans
  • Avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists and access expert care in a private clinic setting
  • Travel expenses are reimbursed for each visit and complimentary refreshments are available
  • Prevent the onset of memory problems
  • Change the future of Alzheimer’s; help develop dementia syndrome and memory loss treatmentsfor future generations

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