Recent research led by the University of Washington showed that air pollution can increase the risk of dementia by up to 16%. In addition, the UN Report Climate Change report has been described as ‘code red for humanity’ meaning that the world needs to unite to reach Net-Zero as soon as possible.


Dr Emer MacSweeney shared her expert advice on ways to help keep the brain healthy with the Independent, offering tips on simple lifestyle measures that can be incorporated into daily routines to help reduce the risk of dementia.


In the article, Dr MacSweeney explains how keeping your mind and body active are imperative to cognitive health. An active social life, a healthy diet, limited alcohol consumption, not smoking and good sleep quality also play an important role in reducing the risk of dementia, along with reducing the exposure to environmental pollutants.


The team of Brain & Mind Experts at Re:Cognition Health are passionate about prevention and encourage healthy lifestyle adaptions to be incorporated into everyday life at the earliest opportunity in order to reap the full benefits.


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