Dr Emer MacSweeney speaks with the Daily Express about anxiety being one of the possible very early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


Dr MacSweeney explains that people who develop anxiety for the first time over the age of 60, with no obvious reason, could be showing an early sign of Alzheimer’s, which can happen 18-24 months before cognitive symptoms become apparent.


There are many advancements being made in the field of Alzheimer’s research. An early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is imperative in ensuring the best possible care and an opportunity to access new-generation medications designed to slow down the progression of the disease, through international, late stage clinical trials. It is therefore vital that people understand the very early warning signs of Alzheimer’s in order to take control of their health at the earliest opportunity.


Alongside short-term memory loss, some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s can include:


Changes in behaviour – unexpected & uncharacteristic anger and changes in mood, which may include becoming passive or disinterested or less communicative


Confusion such as losing track of time or problems with processing information


Forgetting words and experiencing problems with speech and language


Loss of sense of direction, getting lost in a familiar environment and disorientated e.g. not being able to find your way home from the shops.


Difficulty in performing everyday (seemingly normal) tasks such as making a cup of tea, cooking, shopping or even ordering drinks for several people at the pub


Problems with calculation – managing money or completing simple sums and puzzles may become an issue


Losing things such as misplacing items in the house such keys or glasses and not being able to retrace steps to find them.


Difficulty making decisions which may also include making the wrong decision such as personal grooming


Issues with visual images and spacial awareness which may include difficulty reading words, judging distances or recognising colour contrast


Unknowingly repeating yourself or continuing to ask the question when you have already been given the answer


If you are worried you or someone you know may have the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, contact our team on 0800 802 1030 to find out more about cognitive assessments and opportunities in clinical trials.



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