Re:Cognition Health’s brain injury experts  have  developed a new approach to the  diagnosis of mild and repetitive  traumatic brain injury and over the  past 12 months have provided objective evidence of structural brain injury, to support the clinical diagnosis of chronic progressive brain injury  in a number of  international rugby players.


By utilising DTI (diffusion tensor imaging)  of the brain with high strength MRI scanning, it has been possible to improve the probability of identifying rugby players with  Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). More information on DTI and CTE can be found:



Dr Emer MacSweeney, CEO of Re:Cognition Health was interviewed by the Guardian to share her expertise as a leading Consultant Neuroradiologist at the vanguard of brain injury, on the importance of regular brain checks for players. Dr MacSweeney advises professional players of any contact sport such as rugby, football and boxing to have annual brain checks to accurately detect signs of brain damage at the earliest opportunity and safeguard against progressive brain diseases such as CTE. Dr MacSweeney states,“Obtaining an early and accurate diagnosis in any brain condition is paramount to the subsequent management and treatment pathway.”


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