Our team at Re:Cognition Health is  passionate to support the health and learning of children and young people. Prior to the pandemic, one in nine children and young people were affected by mental health concerns; alarmingly this  increased to one in six in the first wave of lockdown. Feelings of anxiety, loneliness and sadness were understandable responses to the uncertain situation felt by many children.

We are proud to support CHUMS, a “mental health and emotional wellbeing” charity dedicated to offering vital services for children and young people. Re:Cognition Health donated 12 laptops throughout Lockdown, so children could continue their home schooling through the pandemic and beyond. Our team will continue to support this very important charity by donating additional computers throughout the year, so that children can continue to benefit from technology to help with their education.

Separately, Re:Cognition Health’s expert clinicians provide accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for children with ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and other medical conditions. For further information on this service please visit:

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