Clinical Trials

Potential benefits of joining a clinical trial

  • Study volunteers get early access to new treatments for memory loss and are monitored closely throughout the trial
  • Outstanding medical care is provided at no cost, including comprehensive health screens, MRI scans and PET scans
  • The chance to avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists and access specialist private healthcare
  • Travel expenses are reimbursed for each visit and complimentary refreshments are available
  • Volunteers have the opportunity to help develop new treatments for future generations

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My Journey in a Clinical Trial


Clinical trials are essential for advancing our understanding of medicine and improving the healthcare and quality of life for everyone affected by dementia and cognitive impairment.  Last year, over 870,000 people participated in health and social care research in the UK, according to the National Institute for Clinical Research.


This is a very exciting time for research, with every study conducted we understand more about specific diseases and conditions, getting closer to finding new treatments and ultimately a cure.


Every single medication available on the market has been subjected to rigorous clinical trials to test its suitability for treating the given condition, it’s safety and efficacy. It can be several years, sometimes even decades before a medication is licensed, after undergoing several phases of testing. Even common, “over the counter” medications such as paracetamol have been tested through clinical trials.


The below process highlights the journey that participants will undertake when volunteering for a clinical study at Re:Cognition Health:



  • Register your interest. This can be done through various avenues such as Facebook, the Re:Cognition Health website form or by calling our study team on 0203 355 3536
  • Your profile will be analysed by Re:Cognition Health’s dedicated specialists to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the particular study.
  • A member of our enrolment team will call you to discuss your medical history, current medications, pre-existing medical conditions and memory concerns, in order to advise which study, or studies, may be suitable for you.
  • You will now be matched to a suitable study. The study will be explained in great detail to ensure you fully understand the requirements and any questions that you may have will be discussed.
  • Your first clinic appointment will then be booked for you at one of our Re:Cognition Health centres
  • The following assessments may be undertaken at your scheduled appointments, dependent upon the study:
  • For all studies, the appointment will commence with a consultation with a specialist doctor, who will explain the study in more detail and answer all of your questions and address any specific concerns. The doctor will also undertake a medical review and physical examination
  • Cognitive assessment with a psychologist
  • Blood tests
  • ECG
  • Brain scans



  • If all criteria are met and you are happy to proceed, you will then be accepted onto a study
  • Screening period – this can last up to 8 weeks and will involve various assessments which may include PET scans and MRI, dependent upon the study. The screening is usually completed in 2-4 visits.
  • You will be randomised onto the study, being given an active or placebo medication. Neither you nor the doctor will know whether you are taking the placebo or active medication.
  • Regular appointments will be arranged for you to visit the clinic to discuss progress, to undergo any relevant testing and to receive the highest level of medical support by our industry-leading team. These visits will be dependent upon the study but are generally every 4-6 weeks.
  • Trials last from 26 weeks to 2 years, depending on the drug.
  • At the end of this study period, you are usually given the option to continue to the next part of the study, where all participants receive the active medication.


All study volunteers are required to have a study partner, who will accompany you to appointments and provide help and support throughout the clinical trial.

Reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed for both you and your study partner for each visit into the clinic.  There is no cost for participating in the study and all diagnostic tests, general health checks and the medication are provided free of charge.

Lunch and refreshments are also provided for you and your study partner at clinic visits.



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