In the relentless fight against Alzheimer’s, Re:Cognition Health spearheads groundbreaking
clinical trials to help reshape the landscape of early-stage diagnosis and treatment.

Re:Cognition Health has achieved unparalleled success in recent clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease and continues to progress research to help find new treatments to slow, or ideally stop the progression of the disease. Eisai’s “CLARITY”Study for Lecanemab and Eli Lilly’s TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 2 study for Donanemab are two recent examples that showcase groundbreaking outcomes, providing a new era of possibilities.

Lecanemab: FDA Approval Secured:
Re:Cognition Health patients contribute to a global study cohort of 1,795 volunteers, proving Lecanemab’s prowess with a 27% reduction in progressive cognitive decline over 18 months compared to those on a placebo. Dr Emer MacSweeney, CEO and Medical Director at Re:Cognition Health, hails this victory not just as the first treatment, but as the gateway to a multitude of further innovative therapies.

Donanemab: A Potential Game-Changer:
Re:Cognition Health leads the way in managing UK clinical trial volunteers in the TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 2 trial, showcasing Donanemab’s 35% reduction in cognitive decline. Up to 60% reduction in rate of decline was demonstrated in those with the mildest disease. TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 6 an ongoing trial at seven of Re:Cognition Health Centres in the UK and USA, is designed to reduce the risk of ARIA (Amyloid-Related Imaging Abnormalities), a side effect of this class of medication.

Why Clinical Trials Matter:
Dr MacSweeney stresses the critical importance of an early and accurate Alzheimer’s diagnosis, emphasising the transformative potential of new-generation medications available now through clinical trials. The medications are designed to address symptoms before they progress, to maximise treatment efficacy. Clinical trials also contribute to scientific advancements – the more studies conducted the more we learn about the disease and how to prevent it.

The Benefits of Clinical Trials:
• Early accurate diagnosis with the most advanced diagnostic tests

• The chance for disease modification to SLOW/HALT progression

• Only chance to get early access to the newest generation medications, that will not be available for 4+ years

• Opportunity to take control of your health & future

• Regular health monitoring received

• Free to participate with expenses reimbursed

• Contributing to vital research to help your future generations

Identifying Alzheimer’s at the earliest opportunity:
Individuals exhibiting two or more of the below symptoms, progressively developing over the past 12 months, are encouraged to seek professional guidance and contemplate engagement in clinical trials. Re:Cognition Health has many new clinical trials testing new medications similar to Lecanemab and Donanemab, offering an opportunity for potentially transformative treatments. Our team is available to talk with you every day.

Early Alzheimer’s symptoms may include a combination of the following:

• Short-term memory lapses which may involve forgetting recent events, conversations, and important dates, often leading to repetitive questioning

• Behavioural shifts encompassing unexplained anxiety, unexpected anger, mood changes, and a potential change towards passivity and disinterest

• Confusion may manifest as losing track of time or struggling with processing information

• Speech challenges include forgetting words and encountering difficulties with language

• Loss of orientation which could include getting lost or disoriented in familiar surroundings

• Everyday tasks may become challenging, from making tea to following a recipe or unpacking groceries

• Calculations pose difficulties, impacting money management and simple sums or puzzles

• Misplacing items or putting them in random places, such as putting keys in the freezer or milk in the dishwasher, with difficulty retracing steps

• Decision-making struggles which may involve poor choices, potentially seen in inappropriate clothing decisions

• Issues with visual images and spatial awareness may lead to difficulty reading words

Hope in Every Clinical Trial:
Dr. MacSweeney reflects on Re:Cognition Health’s contributions to Alzheimer’s research, “Amidst the challenging landscape of Alzheimer’s, there’s room for cautious optimism. New-generation medications pioneered through international clinical trials available in the UK, hold the transformative potential to reshape the future for those facing a diagnosis. With the promise of cutting-edge treatments on the horizon, there is hope for a future without Alzheimer’s”

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