Dr Paschos Discusses Medical Cannabis


Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Dimitrios Paschos speaks with National World about the use of medicinal cannabis in the UK, which explores the growing popularity, legality and health benefits.


Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK in 2018 and can be prescribed by specialist doctors, who carry out a thorough assessment to evaluate the medical concerns and to ensure suitability for treatment. General Practitioners in the UK are not permitted to prescribe medical cannabis.


Medical cannabis can potentially help treat symptoms of many pain, psychiatric and neurological conditions ranging from migraine, arthritis and back pain to sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety and epilepsy.


Dr Paschos believes that by making medical cannabis more accessible in the UK, it will inevitably help benefit more people. He comments, “Because it was only legalised in November 2018, it is still not yet widely available, however it is growing in accessibility as well as acceptability.”


The UK law requires that patients have tried at least two other licensed medications for their condition, which have failed to treat their condition, before being prescribed medical cannabis. Dr Paschos stresses that medical cannabis usage should be overseen by a specialist doctor to ensure the correct dosage is prescribed for the particular symptoms.


Re:Cognition Health are delighted to launch the Medical Cannabis Service to help alleviate symptoms for a variety of neurological, pain and psychiatric conditions. The service is overseen by Dr Paschos and is accessible to people over the age of 18 living in Great Britain. Consultations are carried out via virtual appointments, where a thorough assessment is conducted to ensure that medical cannabis is clinically appropriate in the condition of the treatment.


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