How to Overcome Work Stress

Psychiatrist, Dr Dimitrios Paschos, features in an article with HRD Connect

Over half a million people in the UK suffer from work-related stress, depression and anxiety. Stress in the workplace is the most common form of stress in the country and 12.5 million work days are lost as a result.

Here are some extracts from the full article:

Work stress causes

Factors such as economics, technology, social and environmental changes seriously contribute to workplace stress, alongside internal elements such as culture, structure, personnel, atmosphere and policies within an organisation.

Work stress symptoms

Dr Paschos explains that poor mental health has also been linked with poor physical health.

He comments: “Stress and anxiety should definitely be addressed by senior management to ensure a happy and healthy workforce… The more open we are the more beneficial this will be.”

Work stress management

Leaders in the workplace can do many things to help reduce stress. For example, shutting down emails on weekends, team building activities, improving the office environment, providing rewards and empowerment.

All of these could significantly help improve wellbeing amongst the workforce.

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