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Dr Emer MacSweeney on Good Morning Washington

December 21, 2021

Dr Emer MacSweeney on Good Morning Washington


Dr Emer MacSweeney speaks with Good Morning Washington about clinical trials for Alzheimer’s which are currently taking place in the USA and UK at Re:Cognition Health Clinics. Dr MacSweeney explains how the new-generation medications are designed to work and also addresses whether memory loss is a normal part of ageing. She explains some of the early, common symptoms and urges anybody experiencing short term memory loss or two or more of the other symptoms listed  below,  to take immediate action and consult with a medical expert:


  • Confusion
  • Loss of sense of direction
  • Problems with calculation
  • Changes in mood or behaviour
  • Forgetting words
  • Difficulty in performing everyday tasks
  • Misplacing items
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Issues with visual images and spacial awareness



An early and accurate diagnosis can provide the best opportunity to access new-generation medications which are being developed to slow down, or halt the progression of the disease.


For further detail on the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s please visit: https://recognitionhealth.com/understanding-the-early-symptoms-of-mci-and-alzheimers-disease/

To find out more about clinical trials currently taking place at Re:Cognition Health clinics in the UK, please get in touch with our team: https://recognitionhealth.com/contact/


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