Webinar – How to Spot the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s


Re:Cognition Health is delighted  to host a free webinar on “How to Spot the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s” in Dementia Action Week.


Award-winning Consultant Neuroradiologist Dr Emer MacSweeney, CEO and Medical Director at Re:Cognition Health will explain some of the early and sometimes surprising symptoms of memory loss and how to spot them.

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)  is no different from any other progressive condition; getting an early, accurate diagnosis will give you the opportunity to access the most appropriate treatment and to plan and  monitor your condition. This can be best achieved if symptoms are recognised early, with plenty of information and guidance around what to do.


Most people think that Alzheimer’s is just memory loss, but it’s much more subtle than that.


In this  webinar, Dr MacSweeney will also explain how new generation Alzheimer’s treatments  are designed to slow, or ideally halt, progression of AD  and its symptoms. This webinar will also cover why early detection and treatment is possible with the development of new sophisticated biomarkers and how to avail of these opportunities, today.


Attendees will be able to ask questions in a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.


Webinar details:

Date: 18th May

Time: 3-4pm

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Passcode: 963711




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