International Friendship Day

July 31, 2019

It’s International Friendship Day today and whilst making friends as an adult is harder than it is as a child, it is still equally as important to make and foster friendships.


Busy lives, work pressure, family life and chores are cited as key barriers to making friends as an adult, however, Consultant Psychologist Dr Dimitrios Paschos stresses the importance of making time to connect with friends to combat loneliness, a growing concern amongst adults in the UK.


“Friendships do take commitment and it’s important to invest the time in friendships on a regular basis,” Dr Paschos explains to Yahoo, in an article celebrating International Friendship Day. Reconnecting with old friends, socializing on your lunch break with work colleagues, joining a social group or club and being open to new experiences and opportunities are easy ways to widen the friendship net, recommends Dr Paschos.


In addition to combatting loneliness, friendships can also help reduce levels of stress and improve happiness and general health. Studies have also indicated that adults who have active social lives have longer lives – so another reason to get socially active!


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