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Brain Fog & Long Covid

Consultant Neurologist Dr Steve Allder shares his insight with the Metro:


Dr Steve Allder was recently featured in the Metro in an article talking about the effects of brain fog associated with Long Covid which feels like a constant bad hangover! In more medical terms, Dr Allder explains that your thinking feels slow, you struggle to find the right words, to pay attention and concentrate and you are noticeably more forgetful and irritable.


Over 5.9million people having been infected with Covid-19 in the UK and it is understood that 10% of those infected have ongoing symptoms after 12 weeks – referred to as Long Covid. It is thought that up to three quarters of people suffering with Long Covid effects experience problems with their memory, attention and other cognitive functions.


The Long Covid Clinic at Re:Cognition Health is seeing a dramatic increase in patients experiencing a wide range of neurological and psychiatric symptoms associated with Long Covid and the multi-disciplinary team are dedicated to helping people recover and resume their normal work-life routines.


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