Pollution and the brain


Re:Cognition Health applaud new Fintech start up dedicated to making carbon neutrality easily accessible to all businesses. Minimum enables businesses to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of its products and services to neutralise their

impact on the environment.


Our team at Re:Cognition Health are passionate about minimising the adverse effects of  environmental pollutants on the brain and mind;  just as lifestyle factors such as good diet, exercise, sleep  and mental activity impact positively on cognitive performance; pollution toxicology has been demonstrated to have a hugely negative effect. There is also mounting evidence to suggest that pollution can cause many neurological and psychiatric conditions including cognitive impairment, depression and autism. Whilst studies are ongoing, it’s important we all take positive steps today to help protect our environment, planet and brains for tomorrow.


Being mindful of our carbon footprint is a no-brainer and Re:Cognition Health is very proud to be supporting the Minimum carbon footprint offsetting initiative.

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