Neuroimaging in 2021 – Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) – Unlocking the complexities:

Webinar for  The Brain Injury Group


Dr Emer MacSweeney, Medical Director and Consultant Neuroradiologist and Dr Steve Allder Consultant Neurologist presented a webinar on Neuroimaging in 2021 – Unlocking the Complexities for the Brain Injury Group.


This informative presentation addresses the most important and complexing challenges  in neuro-imaging for mTBI, including identifying structural, functional and microscopic evidence of mTBI and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)


Dr MacSweeney explained the need for sophisticated brain imaging as the diagnosis is frequently not visible on  conventional neuro-imaging. She explained  how and when to use current vs the latest neuro-imaging techniques referencing  CT, MRI DTI, fMRI, DWI, T2*GE, SWI sequences;  PET(positron emission tomography)  and MEG (magnetoencephalography) imaging techniques. Dr MacSweeney explained the importance of knowing what to look for in order to have a chance of finding it.


Dr Steve Allder presented the important clinical updates of mTBI and CTE. He gave a thorough review on the potential of MRI with DTI imaging and MEG– the latest functional neuroimaging techniques  for mapping brain activity for clinical and medicolegal practice. He explained that MEG slow-waves are characteristics of neurological injury in the brain, as a result of axonal injury from infarction, tumour, epilepsy and TBI.



The full presentation is available to access through the following link:

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