Our ‘thinking ability’ helps us to function in daily life

Conditions affecting or brain health, at any stage in life, from childhood to retirement can affect our mood, behaviour and emotions.

Whether you have a diagnosis or are concerned about new symptoms, when you contact us for advice or to arrange a visit, our experienced team will be able to answer your questions.

During your first appointment our clinicians will discuss your concerns and whether you require further tests; after which you will be provided with a full explanation and treatment plan.

If you experience any of the following mental health symptoms, contact us today

  • Delay in reaching developmental milestones
  • Difficulty planning, achieving targets and prioritising deadlines
  • Short attention span
  • Repeatedly asking the same question
  • Depression, anger, anxiety and agitation
  • Challenging and altered behaviour
  • Confusion in new situations or places
  • Trouble remembering recent or past events
  • Losing your way in a familiar environment
  • Difficulties with language and calculations

Medically unexplained Neurology symptoms

Often there is no obvious medical explanation for symptoms, so understanding how the mind and body work closely together is required to explain how our thoughts, feelings and factors such as stress can result in physical and mental symptoms.

Our team of specialists have specific experience in treating unexplained symptoms and can help you understand and manage them, enabling you to live the life you want.