Dr Emer MacSweeney, Consultant Neuroradiologist at Re:Cognition Health shares her insight on the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease with The Alzheimer’s Show Digital Hub, and how this may be possible through the introduction of new medications.


In the interview, Dr MacSweeney gives an insightful explanation on Alzheimer’s disease and the importance of receiving an early and accurate diagnosis in order to gain access to the very best treatment.  She also explains the various lifestyle changes and behavioural modifications we can all make to help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and other causes of dementia. There is currently lots of studies being undertaken which highlight the benefits of diet, exercise, sleep and social activities, which can reduce the risk by up to 33%. Dr MacSweeney shares the latest news and developments on new-generation medications designed to slow down and ideally halt the progression of Alzheimer’s, which are currently available in Phase 2 & 3 clinical trials at Re:Cognition Health.


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