Re:Cognition Health’s CEO & Medical Director, Dr Emer MacSweeney Talks Cognition With Primal Cure TV

Dr MacSweeney spoke with Primal Cure, Sky’s dedicated health channel, about setting up Re:Cognition Health, developments in the health sector and why medical professionals work together to diagnose and treat neurological conditions.

Re:Cognition Health: The Brain & Mind Experts

Re:Cognition Health was established in 2011 to provide a comprehensive pathway to individuals experiencing issues with their cognition. The company’s vision is to become the recognised leader in the diagnosis, treatment and care management of individuals experiencing cognitive impairment.

Under the leadership of Dr MacSweeney, dedicated clinics across the UK work hard to realise Re:Cognition Health’s mission to provide the best clinical quality and customer experience in mental health diagnostic and treatment services for the benefit of patients, referring clinicians, employers and investors.

Dr Emer MacSweeney

Diagnosing Cognitive Impairment

In the interview, the Consultant Neuroradiologist explains that it takes a full team of cognitive experts to diagnose a neurological condition. This is because of the different types of neurological expertise that’s required to address the complexities in the diagnostic process. Each specialist plays a unique, yet pivotal part in the diagnostic process.

Watch the full interview to find out which medical specialists are involved in the process.

New Treatments For Memory Loss

The innovative treatments available at Re:Cognition Health’s clinics in London, Guildford, Plymouth & Birmingham are also covered in the interview.

These disease-modifying treatments are designed to treat conditions such as Lewy Body dementia, fronto-temporal dementia, vascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease as well as Parkinson’s disease.

Clinical Trials For Alzheimer’s disease

Acknowledging that it’s been 15 years since a new medication for Alzheimer’s disease was licensed for global use, Dr MacSweeney highlights that only through research and education will we be able to find new treatments to stop the symptoms of memory problems from progressing.

Ultimately, it’s hoped that clinical trials will help find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Learn more about the memory studies 

Watch Dr MacSweeney’s Interview Below:

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