Psychiatric Drugs for Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk

July 19, 2022

Psychiatric Drugs for Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk

Dr Tom MacLaren speaks with Medical News Today


At Re:Cognition Health, we are passionate about research and dedicated to helping more people improve their brain and mind health through clinical trials, finding new treatments to help a variety of neurological and neurodegenerative conditions. We are always thrilled to see the latest successes, ideas, studies and pioneering ethos of research on a global basis and honoured to participate, as one of the world’s leading clinics for Alzheimer’s clinical trials.


Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Tom MacLaren was interested to see the finding of a recent study by the research team at the University of Colorado School of Medicine on whether two drugs prescribed for treating psychiatric conditions could block APOE4 and reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s.


Dr MacLaren shared his thoughts with Medical News Today, expressing his optimism about finding new treatments for dementia.


The drugs being tested were imipramine (an antidepressant) and olanzapine (an antipsychotic), which have been used to treat people with psychiatric conditions for many years, “so we know they are safe,” said Dr MacLaren.  He also adds, “ Like all medicines, they can have side effects, with imipramine causing anxiety and a reduced appetite in some people. Olanzapine can cause tiredness, and may increase the risk of diabetes when used long-term. These side effects only affect some people and you can check online for a full list: https://patient.info/medicine.




Dr MacLaren welcomes further research into using these drugs for Alzheimer’s and we look forward to seeing new developments.


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