Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

March 11, 2022

Why it’s important to understand the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s are much more than just short-term memory loss, which is the most commonly recognised sign. Confusion, getting lost in familiar places, unexplained anxiety or forgetting words can also be red flags.

There are many very normal age-related changes that people may experience which may be mistaken for cognitive impairment. However, it’s important to be able to recognise the difference between what is normal and what is potentially an early warning sign in order to seek an accurate diagnosis at the earliest opportunity, to access the right support and treatment.

10 early symptoms of cognitive impairment which may lead to dementia include:

  1. Short term memory loss- forgetting details of recent events or conversations and important dates; repeatedly asking the same questions
  2. Changes in behaviour – unexpected & uncharacteristic anger and changes in mood, perhaps becoming passive and disinterested or experiencing unexplained anxiety
  3. Confusion which could include losing track of time or problems with processing information
  4. Forgetting words and experiencing problems with speech and language
  5. Loss of sense of direction, getting lost or becoming disorientated in a familiar environment
  6. Difficulty in performing everyday (seemingly straightforward) tasks such as making a cup of tea or unpacking the grocery shopping
  7. Problems with calculation – finding difficulty with managing money or completing simple sums and puzzles
  8. Misplacing items such as putting keys in the freezer or milk in the dishwasher and not being able to retrace your steps to find them these objects
  9. Difficulty making decisions which may also include making a poor decision, possibly wearing inappropriate clothes given the weather or wearing clothes back to front.
  10. Issues with visual images and spatial awareness which may include difficulty reading words

If you or someone you know is having two or more of these issues, it’s important to consult with a medical expert at the earliest opportunity- don’t wait and worry. There may be a simple explanation for the symptoms which may be easily treated.  If it is Mild Cognitive Impairment, there is a lot you can do and the earlier action is taken, the sooner treatments can be accessed.

Memory Clinic
The Memory Package at Re:Cognition Health involves a series of private assessments, designed to give fast and accurate results. There are no long waiting lists when accessing the Memory Clinic and the service can also help patients access NHS services. We are proud to offer continuity of care, provided by our team who take the time to explain all of the findings and options moving forward.

The world-leading team at Re:Cognition Health’s Memory Clinic work collaboratively, using the most advanced tests. The comprehensive testing includes:

  • Pre-assessment questionnaires
  • Initial assessment consultation
  • Cognitive test
  • Brain and lifestyle assessment with tailored feedback
  • MRI brain scan, reported by a specialist Neuroradiologist
  • Blood test panel
  • Feedback appointment

To make an enquiry or to book an appointment, please phone 0800 802 1030

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