Consultant Neurologist Dr Steven Allder features in Healthy Beast podcast exploring the complexity of pain

Dr Allder has a special interest in treating patients who have Traumatic Brain injury. He has extensive experience in treating medically unexplained neurological conditions

Discover the different elements of pain management

The Re:Cognition Health Consultant Neurologist was interviewed by Richard Holt as part of a podcast discussing how people living with pain can misunderstand the symptoms.

Uncover why we experience pain

In this podcast Dr Allder explains why we have a pain system. In addition, he discusses how signals from the brain alert of a problem within the body in order to cease movement and allow recovery. Dr Allder also talks about how the events following an injury can shape the pain recovery process. For example, going to a hospital or going home to a warm, calm environment.

The podcast also explores the different elements of pain management. For instance, biological, psychological and social components. Dr Allder explains why he believes that these elements should be integrated in a way to help patients effectively.

Dr Steven Allder has extensive experience in treating neurological pain

Having undertaken a Fellowship in a major trauma centre, Dr Steven Allder saw many patients suffering from phantom limb pain, resulting after amputation. The success of the therapies used to treat such industries inspired Dr Allder to develop his knowledge in the field of neurological pain. These therapies include mirror therapy. Following the Fellowship, Dr Allder experienced his own personal pain. This further sparked his interest and specialism in the subject of pain.







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