Want to Improve Your Gut Health?

Deborah Colson, Cognitive Nutritional Therapist gives an insight into the complex area of gut microbes.

Gut health is becoming an increasingly important topic and is a strong area of interest in supporting overall health and wellbeing. The gut is being dubbed as the body’s second brain due to the complex colonies of bacteria and other microbes which have the ability to influence mood, digestion, weight regulation and immune function. Microbes can also affect our behaviour through the 100 million neurons located in the gut.

Our bodies contain trillions of microbes with the highest concentration found in the gut. These include fungi and viruses, most of which are highly beneficial to the body. Whilst extensive research is being undertaken in this field, studies have indicated that microbes may lower the incidence of certain diseases and conditions such as diabetes, asthma, depression, autism, Parkinson’s disease, IBS and many allergies.

Deborah Colson, Cognitive Nutritional Therapist at Re:Cognition Health, was featured in an article about the importance of gut health on health and lifestyle website 50Connect. She commented:

“Many people are surprised to learn that the beneficial bacteria living in their gut can affect their brain. 

“The gut consists of a complex ecosystem made up of trillions of different microbes which are essential for brain health due to the constant two-way communication going on between gut and brain.”

Tips for a healthy gut

  • Eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetable nuts, pulses and wholegrains to feed the healthy bacteria.
  • Avoid processed foods which can contribute to an imbalanced ecosystem.
  • Be mindful of taking antibiotics- they can kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. If you need to take antibiotics, ensure you support your gut by eating foods to boost microbes or take a probiotic supplement.
  • Include extra-virgin olive oil as it contains polyphenols which help support beneficial bacteria
  • Drink water – hydration is very important for sustaining a healthy gut (and body in general) and a regular digestive system supports the growth of microbes

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