Dr. Emer MacSweeney Confirmed as Speaker at Naidex Exhibition

17th & 18th March, NEC, Birmingham


We are delighted to announce that Dr Emer MacSweeney, Founder, CEO and Consultant Neuroradiologist at Re:Cognition Health has been confirmed as a speaker at the Naidex exhibition, which is being held on 17th & 18th March, 2020 at the NEC, Birmingham. 


Dr MacSweeney will be speaking at 11am on 18th March about the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and if there is justification to be optimistic for new treatments in 2020. With an ageing population, Alzheimer’s is the only cause of death still on the rise. Prevention of dementia, the most common cause of which is Alzheimer’s disease, has to be the way forward. This requires greater understanding of the cause of Alzheimer’s, the biomarkers that enable early, accurate diagnosis and access to new generation treatments designed to slow down or, ideally, stop progression of early symptoms. Recent results for new treatments may be, at last, a cause for cautious optimism.


Re:Cognition Health will be exhibiting at the show, informing  members of the public and healthcare professionals about the latest research and opportunities available through clinical trials, testing new-generation medications for neurological and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia with hallucinations, Lewy Body dementia, ADHD and autism. Recognition’s team will be available to answer any questions and provide information on the latest developments and opportunities.


Learn More About Clinical Trials

Involvement in clinical trials enables individuals to receive the next generation medications, free of charge, before these medications are licensed for global use. Participants receive outstanding medical care and are monitored regularly throughout the study by a team of cognitive medical experts. All medical costs are covered by the pharmaceutical company, so the very best care and medical facilities are provided, at no cost to the individual.


Clinical trials are essential for advancing our understanding of medicine and improving the healthcare and quality of life for everyone affected by dementia and cognitive impairment.  By participating in an international clinical study, individuals can gain the potential personal benefit of early access to a new treatment, whilst also having an important global impact on our ability to treat these difficult conditions.


Benefits of participating in a clinical study:

Through clinical trials, volunteers are provided with:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Tests – blood tests, ECG, brain scans
  • Regular medical reviews
  • Highest level of medical support
  • Opportunity for access to new-generation medications
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Opportunity to be part of research and finding new medications


To learn more about the benefits of clinical trials, please contact our friendly team or visit us at the Naidex Exhibition. Naidex is Europe’s most established event dedicated to the healthcare and independent living industries. Over the two days, the exhibition will showcase the latest innovations in assistive technology, care, and health. 


NAIDEX – 17-18th March 2020. 


Dr MacSweeney will be speaking on 18th March from 11-11:30am in Theatre 5. For more information:

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