Investigating a New Hope for Lewy Body Dementia: Re:Cognition Health recruiting participants for the RewinD-LB Clinical Trial

Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) poses significant challenges due to its progressive nature and the
limited treatment options available. However, hope is emerging with a clinical trial investigating neflamapimod at Re:Cognition Health centres in the UK and USA. The RewinD-LB study aims to evaluate the potential of neflamapimod in improving cognitive functions such as learning, problem solving skills and memory loss in individuals with DLB.

Understanding DLB:
DLB is a neurodegenerative disease characterised by the accumulation of abnormal protein deposits known as Lewy bodies in the brain. These deposits disrupt chemical processes, leading to a constellation of symptoms including cognitive decline, movement difficulties (Parkinsonism), sleep disturbances, hallucinations and mood changes. Managing DLB poses immense challenges for patients and carers alike, compounded by the lack of approved medications targeting its underlying cause.

Neflamapimod represents a potential breakthrough in DLB treatment. As an investigational medication, it holds optimism in addressing the underlying mechanisms of the disease rather than merely managing symptoms. By targeting the chemical imbalances associated with Lewy bodies, neflamapimod offers hope for improved cognitive function and overall quality of life for individuals with DLB.

Study Details:
The clinical trial involves a 16-week treatment period where participants will receive either
neflamapimod or a placebo, administered three times a day. Following this period, all participants have the opportunity to continue receiving neflamapimod for an additional 32 weeks, regardless of their initial treatment allocation. The study encompasses multiple visits to the study centre for evaluations and tests, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of progress for the study volunteer.

Joining the Study:
Individuals aged 55 and over diagnosed with probable DLB are invited to participate in this groundbreaking research. A reliable carer (study partner) who can assist with the study procedures and evaluations is also required. Participation in the study is free and travel expenses are reimbersed. For further information and to express interest in joining the study, contact our friendly team:

UK – 0800 802 1030
USA – +1 571-418-0142
Email –

Advancing medical knowledge:
As the search for effective treatments for DLB continues, the RewinD-LB clinical trial testing neflamapimod offers hope for individuals affected by this challenging condition. By participating in this research, patients and study partners play a vital role in advancing medical knowledge and potentially transforming the landscape of DLB treatment. Together, we can strive towards a future where individuals with DLB can live with greater independence and wellbeing.

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