Re:Cognition Health is delighted to announce that CEO and Founder Dr Emer MacSweeney was named in the ScaleUp Female Founders Index 2021. The list honours UK businesses,  which have demonstrated resilience, ambition, innovation and   growing at scale, having been founded and led by female entrepreneurs.


Dr MacSweeney founded Re:Cognition Health (RCH) in 2011 with a determination and passion to provide a solution to the unacceptable problem of dementia, the most common cause of which is Alzheimer’s disease. With one person developing symptoms of dementia every 3 seconds, it is projected that without an effective treatment, 1 in 3 people born today will die with dementia, making it today’s biggest global socio-economic and healthcare crisis. Furthermore, Alzheimer’s is the only leading cause of death still on the rise ahead of cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke.


Over the past 10 years, Re:Cognition Health has grown exponentially under the leadership of Dr MacSweeney and is now recognised as the fastest growing, world-leading centre for international clinical trials for Alzheimer’s and related causes of dementia. Additionally, RCH has extended the clinical trials programme to include Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, migraine and Autism, with ambitious plans of further expansion.


Recently Dr Emer MacSweeney has been the recipient of many prestigious awards including  EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for “Societal Impact” and UK Growing Business of the Year Award for “Positive Impact” in 2019, both of which are independent endorsements of Dr MacSweeney’s dedication and the significant impact that Re:Cognition Health is having on healthcare, as well as the whole society.


In addition to the innovative research undertaken at the company’s five UK centres and first  U.S. centre, R:Cognition Health provides private  services at its London Clinic based in the Harley Street Medical Area. Home to a specialist team of cognitive experts, the services include:

ADHD assessments for children and adults

Repetitive brain injury in contact sports


Long Covid Clinic

Medical Cannabis Service

Unexplained neurological symptoms including pain

Chronic Fatigue

Mental Health


We are very proud of the positive effect that RCH’s services are having on individuals and society and honoured to be working with a leading team of Brain and Mind Experts who share the same passion and dedication the business was founded on.


View the ScaleUp Female Founders Index 2021 Report:

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